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Hello my name is Jessie Cortes, I am a writer, song writer, beginning author, artist, and also I logo designer along with clothing designing.

My dreams are to have my own business which is this website of my own clothing brand and ideas. When I reach my dream of making this website a career I hope to later in the future help other people get to a successful life.

After working for a while in different jobs it would be nice to have my own money work for me. I mean who wouldn't like that right? After all we all want an opportunity to be greater than before for our families and our towns where we grew up on.

If you'd like to know anything else about me send me an email on the contact information on this website. Hope to hear from you all soon!

"Life is not best lived until we have faced our own demons and conquered them, then we can truly know how strong we are, how strong we can become. Life isn't over until we have dealt our last breath."

- Jessie Cortes

Jessie Cortes

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